Monday, November 29, 2004

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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Things here were nice. I had a couple days off work, managed to get some stuff done, and had a nice visit with my girlfriend, Julie, from Houston. I completed painting and finishing the kitchen cabinets and am now eagerly awaiting their installation. Thursday's dinner couldn't possibly be beat - Grace did an outstanding job, as always! It was so good, in fact, I had to take a snooze on the couch afterwards. While I innocently napped, the nieces snatched my digital camera and had oodles of fun taking pictures of very rude things!!! They got quite a giggle thinking what I'd find when I downloaded the pictures. Of course, I realized what had happened, saved the pictures and sent them to the girls in an email with the subject "I believe these belong to you..." The pictures can be seen on Wendy's blog -

Friday night, Julie's dad took us to Collinsville, IL, for a great fish dinner at the VFW hall. Julie's brother, Brad, and his daughter, Kayla, were on hand as well. Was a very nice evening. On the way back from dinner, Julie's dad needed to stop at Walmart, so he went to find his stuff, we went to find mine - with a specific meeting place for when we were finished. Well - we made it back first, and no dad. So, we went looking for him. When we gave that up and started back to the front of the store, there was an announcement stating "Will Julie Ann and Susie please come to the front of the store? Their "daddy" is waiting for them." He really got a kick out of doing that!! It's been a very long time since I've been paged at a store!!

Julie came home with me that night, tried out the new bed in the "guest room," and we talked most of the night and the next day. Michael and Angela (of the cabinets fame) came by and we went for St. Louis-style pizza and toasted ravioli with Julie that evening. Unfortunately, she had to get back to Illinois, so was only able to stay the one day. Needless to say, by Sunday I was fairly well done and mainly rested the whole day away.

But after all that, it was great to get back to work today. Only a few minor calamities - the soda machine quit working right after it had been filled, the coffee service came to install a new machine on the 4th floor for us, I ran out of access badges so there are about eight people roaming around trying to get in, one of the guys' chairs disappeared, we need four laptop computers we don't have, and the bosses want to have us all for dinner together tomorrow night - is it possible for me to arrange that in about an hour and a half??? Otherwise, was a totally boring day! hehehe

I hope your holidays was filled with the blessing of great food, the company of great friends, the joy of life, and that your Monday made you feel as necessary as mine did!

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Gwen said...

You seem to make a habit of getting lost in stores. I distinctly remember being in Sears with your mother and my mother and you got lost and your mother was walking around call "Susie...Susie" and a salesperson asked us if we lost someone. Of course, we said yes. She asked "How old is your little girl?" She was quite shocked by the answer at that time and it's been probably 20 years since then...