Sunday, November 07, 2004

Physics 101

"A body in motion tends to remain in motion."

Ok - I've spent the weekend in the back yard raking leaves. How dangerous could that be??? While I was at it, I decided to hack off this darned vining thing on the fence that was threatening to take over the azaleas. I started separating out the bad stuff, cutting whatever held it in place, then yanking it free from everything else. Now, those of you who've been to my back yard know I have what seems like miles of "decorative brick edging" just about everywhere.

So, here we go! Hack, hack, yank, oops! It gave quicker than I thought it would. Amazingly spry on my feet, I spun around, stepped directly on the "decorative brick edging" mentioned above, took a couple faltering steps (all the while thinking to myself "no problem - I got this under control"), then gave up and let gravity take over. Yes . . . . I landed flat on my front! I know it seems impossible, but I missed landing on "decorative brick edging" branches with thorns, the rake, and the clippers. Although I found it incredibly interesting that a woman of my size, falling at that speed, would actually bounce! The wind was knocked from me, and while I lay there taking inventory, it struck me how hysterical it must have looked to anybody who might have seen.

So, I did what anyone in that position would . . . laughed at myself.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that you did not hurt yourself! The next day or two after a fall is usually when you feel the worst. Glad to see that you can keep your sense of humor in a bad situation!