Sunday, January 16, 2005

Beware of Pfizer

Enemy Mine Posted by Hello

Just a note to the wise - after only three days at Pfizer, I was released with no real reason given. I've worked for 3.5 years at Wyeth in the pharmaceutical industry and never seen a woman leave the restroom without washing her hands before working at Pfizer. These folks knew I left the job at Avanade - one I truly loved - because they offered me a 73% increase. And then they pull this stunt?? How can any employer treat employees like dirt? And they take such pride in being one of America's "Top 100 Places to Work". What a crock.

So, once again I'm unemployed due to no fault of my own. Heck - three days is barely time to learn a new employee's name!! much less how they will truly perform their duties.

Beware of jobs at Pfizer - I've interviewed with them before and should have stuck by my knowledge that those people are all idiots. No wonder they're having problems . . .

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