Friday, January 07, 2005


Yes - ended up buying a new computer which still needs a bit of "tweaking" but should be able to be around more and receive email again without having to order a "Monte Carmel" at the coffee shop!!! Am thrilled and my new "baby" and I look forward to a long, and pleasant journey through cyberspace together!!!

Hope you will continue checking out the blog - I promise to put new stuff on it as it happens! Actually, this week without the computer has allowed me to rake a ton of leaves in the front yard, donate six bag of clothes to the Goodwill, take down my Christmas decorations and put them away, and clean out the file drawers in my desk and store un-needed stuff in the basement.

Speaking of the basement - since St. Louis has has so much rain, I'm glad to say I only have a couple puddles down there!

Ok - so it's now time to hit the road and bake some cookies or something. I'm looking forward t the new job at Pfizer that starts on Monday - but I now only have a couple days of my "vacation" left! Need to find something fun to do!

Hope everybody enjoyed their week and that the snow hasn't cut you off from civilization! More soon!


Anonymous said...

How exciting - a new computer! What kind did you end up buying? Goood luck on your first day at Pfizer! What a great start to the new year!


Gwen said...

Oh! My! God! You actually got rid of some clothing???? I'm so proud of you. I have some more to bring you...