Monday, January 24, 2005

Unemployment to the Rescue!!!

Just when I thought it was safe to spend a few bucks on the “new” computer . . . unemployment rears its ugly head again!!! Just so you have an idea – I’m officially running out of file folders. My desk drawer has a folder for each current job . . . where I keep pay stubs and the like. Well – between every job folder there seems to be unemployment folders of varying thicknesses!

Right before Christmas, everything was so groovy. New job on the way at a 73% increase (who could pass that up, right?), enjoying the last hurrahs at the temp job at Avanade that I loved so much, not to mention Christmas, itself. Yep – life was GRAND!

Then, three (count them – 3) days into the new job, I was unceremoniously dumped on my ass back into unemployment and reality. Reason given – the employer’s requirements had changed. What’s up with that?? How stupid can one company be?? (See Pfizer post below.) Ok – so I will disappear once again. Granted, it’s only been a week and a half, and I’ve only sent out about 53 resumes and called everybody I can think of, including complete strangers. But – geesh? How much of this can one person handle? It seems I may find out!!

Now – retirement is calling my name . . . “Sylvia!” Ok – so I’m not quite there yet. But, for crying out loud – I will be 55 on February 4th!! That wonderful, long-sought-after senior citizen discount card is nearly in my grasp!!! And me without a spare nickel to spend!! How unfair can life possibly be?????

Ok – I needed a gripe session – and this is it. Believe me – there’s lots more crap rolling around in my head that we won’t even nick the surface on. I’ve had my “bawl bath,” but I could certainly use a nice, strong shoulder to lean on and a wonderful guy to pat me on the back and murmur that “it’ll be ok, sweetie” while I cry. Yeah – like THAT’s gonna happen!!!

I will put on my happy face, click my heels together three times, and whisper with everything in my soul . . . “There’s nothing like a good job with benefits . . . there’s nothing like a good job with benefits . . . there’s . . .” Well, you get the idea. Please think good thoughts for me and anybody else you know who’s unemployed. This is no fun, and there’s no other way in the world to feel so absolutely small and completely alone . . .

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