Wednesday, February 23, 2005

NOT WANTED: Dead or Alive - Follow-up

Blu 1, Squirrels - ZIP!!!

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It finally happened! I have successfully thwarted the backyard and neighborhood squirrel population!!!

Finally, a success at last!

Here's the scoop - Stick your bird feeder pole far enough away from overhead lines, fences, trees, and bushes - don't give the little buggers a place from which to launch. Then, restock your food - fill it with tempting suet, nice crunchy seeds, and throw in some nice dried berries - things not only the birds but the squirrels can't resist!! Attach a Slinky (yes, that step walking toy we all know and love) at the bottom and top of your pole. Now - the BEST PART - liberally spray your pole with PAM - that beloved kitchen helper!

From my office window, I watched little Stinkey (my "pet" name for any squirrel in the yard) eyeing my bird food. He sat on top of the fence flicking his tail, which of course, didn't move the food any closer. He then "casually" moved back to the ground and scrounged under the feeder looking for crumbs - like any decent squirrel should - eyeing the food from time to time. He then went to the large azalea bush and moved out on one limb as far as he could, and sat flicking his tail (I've decided they do this to signal their annoyance.) Deciding that was not a good launch site, either, he finally went back to the base of the pole and eyed the food. Suddenly, as though he just couldn't help himself - he launched to the center of the pole (I had a great view - he was facing the window!). He wrapped both his little front paws around the pole and proceeded to slide back to the ground where he landed unceremoniously on his tail.
The look on his face was absolutely priceless!!! I would have paid money for a video of that! I may have to borrow a camera from somebody! What a hoot! Ya know - this batch of suet cake has lasted nearly three weeks! Yippee!

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