Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Been A Boring Couple Weeks

Am doing this post in large type for my friends who are (like myself) vision impaired! Nothing much happening on the job scene. I feel stronger than ever that President G.W. Bush has no idea what unemployment is really like. He's promoting raising the age of retirement. Does he realize that it's tough to find a job after 50? I'm 55 now, and been unemployed and under-employed for the last year and a half! I can't imagine having to do this beyond 65. Welfare is beginning to look good! Now, get off the soapbox!

Anyway, have completed all my knitting projects and fooled around with some Ukrainian Easter Eggs, but my heart's just not in it right now. Have been trying to blog some stuff on the Ukrainian Egg blog, but can't seem to get the pictures to come through. I've become VERY good at some ownline games . . . and offline games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Zuma. Still a bit chilly most of the time for yard work, and anything I plant generally gets eaten by those clever, cute bunnies.

The only joy in my life is seeing just how well the slinky and Pam works to thwart the squirrels. It is amazing how long my bird food lasts! Of course, there's a Mockingbird who guards it like it is totally his own. This morning, I watched a squirrel try five times in a row to climb the pole. He must think the slinky will help him - he jumps from the ground up and grabs it, then goes for a ride! What fun!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, and am looking forward to Dad's traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner - I volunteered to bring a dessert. Just not sure what at this point. Guess I'd better figure something out!

So, now you see where the blog gets its name - Yes, I'm totally bored with life at this point. But did have a phone call this morning from a recruiter for a three-month position. Will see what becomes of it. Typically, nothing. Sigh.

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