Monday, August 15, 2005

Finished Kitchen Remodel!!

As promised, the kitchen remodel pictures!! Please pardon the fuzziness - I have a small camera, but it works pretty good! Note the disgusting state of this side of the kitchen - microwave sitting on top of a small camp table, stuff on top and underneath. An inexpensive "cabinet" to store some cookware. Awful!

Then my son gave me his old cabinets, and I spent last summer in the garage and basement, "pretty-fying" them.

Finally, after all the work, they are complete, anchored, and absolutely stunning! I can't believe after all this time, they are finally done. Have to give a bunch of credit to my son, Michael, and his wife, Angela, who spent Mother's Day Saturday doing the major install.

So, I am proud to introduce, my new, improved kitchen!

Finally completed after countless coats of paint, stenciling, polyurethaning, storing, moving, hanging, re-constructing, and cleaning!

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