Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fantastic Fried Fritter Fisaco!!!

The truth can now be told . . . due to a mistake (a typo, perhaps?) I messed up a batch of corn fritters. The first time I tried to turn one it exloded, sending an arc of hot oil into my face! "Thank goodness I was wearing my glasses," is all I have to say. That's what happens when you get all nostalgic about mom's home cooking and things you haven't had in years. Even the stuff you turned your nose up at as a child sounds good. Sigh.

My son came to my rescue with a can of Solarcaine Aloe spray, and I sat with ice on it for what seemed like hours. After a painful night, and a VERY embarrassing day at the new office, things are improving - somewhat. Now I'm just covered with spots that look pretty awful. Everybody at the new office was very nice - and nobody would even ask what had happened. I even had my response at the ready - "bar fight!" And I never even got to use it!

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Gwen said...

I'd have thought of a much more interesting story. Sudden onset of Leprosy. Allergic reaction to all raking leaves.