Monday, March 20, 2006

Daffodils - and SNOW!

Isn't this about the cutest thing you ever saw???

Yes, that's a quarter laying next to it. Tiny, tiny! Too tiny to leave outside tonight in St. Louis. For those of you who never venture away from the computer screen to view the larger, TV, screen, the Midwest is being pounded by our first snow of the winter - I mean, spring. UGH! All those nice, early forsythia and daffodils I took pictures of on the 11th of March will soon be shriveled globs of yellow crud. Too sad.

So, tonight, after a wonderful, belated corned beef and cabbage dinner at my dad's (he does a great job of that!), I rescued my five precious miniature daffodils. They're too little to fend for themselves in this. So far, in the last four hours and 19 minutes, we've had rain, sleet, ice pellets, and now snow. From what they're saying, we could get "thunder snow" tonight. Won't that be fun??? Anyway, here's a picture of all five of the little beauties in their very own medicine bottle. Believe it or not, I dug that up when I was turning over the garden a couple years ago. Knew it'd be good for something! Hope the rest of the bulbs survive!

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