Saturday, April 21, 2007

Backyard Additions

My dad had a relapse and is back in the hospital - but doing pretty good now. So, while he's been laid up, I've been doing some things in the backyard. Finally gave in and got a squirrel baffle that seems to work really well at keeping "Stinky" off the feeders, so got a new shepherd's crook and two new nice feeders.

And, the result of all this? Is is worth it?

I think so. This is a goldfinch sitting and eating thistle (Nyger) seeds. I'm thrilled. The feeders have only been back up a day or so, and already I've seen these, little red house finchs, cardinals, blackbirds, bluejays, sparrows and chickadees, and a wren. The bluejay was the biggest surprise. They used to be everywhere but lately have suffered some sort of setback.

I'll be putting the hummingbird feeders back up in the next few days, and hope to have those little friends back soon, as well!

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