Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Extraction

I can finally write about it without cringing . . . I had to have a tooth pulled. This isn't the first one. That was done in Texas about 13 years ago. Then, the dentist gave me what he said was an amnesia drug - that I wouldn't remember the extration at all. Well, I vividly remember the extration (and it wasn't pretty), but don't remember the trip home.

The second time involed a couple molars and three wisdom teeth, so I was knocked out. What a wonderful way to go!!! All I remember is "you'll feel a little prick . . . . . ok, wake up - we're done!" Ah!! That was great. Took a bit of time to recuperate, but the tramatic details weren't there at all.

Last Friday, I finally had to admit defeat and have a tooth yanked that had broken about four years ago. It was in "crumble" mode, and has had me terrified to go to the dentist for so long, I was afraid of what they'd find. Since I'm cheap, and it's only one tooth, I figured a local would do. Almost changed my mind and opt for a general, but figured it would be worthwhile to soldier on through the local.

I went to a surgeon pretty close to where I live, recommended by my dad, my son, and a good friend, not to mention the dentist I saw a few weeks ago. My son tagged along to block the exits, in case I freaked. Before they even gave me the local anesthetics my blood pressure was up over 212/97. Not real good. After the shots, it was down to 183, and once they were finished was back about 143. I must admit, I was terrified - even told them so. The blood pressure seemed to confirm that terror.

But I am very proud of myself. I put on my "big girl panties" and lived through the ordeal. Now that it's done, am happy it's over. The surgeon was wonderful - patted my hand and said we'd be ok. During the extraction, he walked me through everything I'd hear and feel. He even called me the following day to check on my progress. I have to admit, I haven't even had to so much as take one over the counter pain reliever. There's been no pain since the anesthetic wore off late Friday, other than from the injections.

So, it looks like my mouth is on it's way to health again, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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