Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ferguson Farmers' Market Pie Contest

What fun! For the first time, I entered a pie contest! I've always enjoyed making pies and consider my crust somewhat wonderful, and today we are putting it to the test! The Ferguson, MO Farmers' Market is sponsoring this pie extravaganza today. So, last nite there was some very serious pie making going on at my house!

My two entries were a Dried Cherry Apple Struessel and a Buttermilk Cherry. Of course, you can't just make one . . . the family had to be able to sample! At the time, I didn't realize that you could enter more than one pie, so my dad and my son, Michael, and his wife, Angela, came by last night to pick a "winner" to submit this morning. Hands-down, the Dried Cherry Apple Struessel won.

As you can see, I had a mix of apples and took a quick pic before hitting the oven.

And here are the completed beauties!

So this morning, bright and early (VERY early for getting up on a Saturday) I loaded both pies in the car and delivered them to the Market. Mine were the very first there, and we had to wait until after 11 for the announcement. so I saw quite a bit of the Market.

This is a shot of the typical booths at the Market - and all kinds of people enjoying themselves:

And here's the table of pies! There were 24 entries, total - I didn't envy the judges!

And speaking of judges, here they are - including the Mayor of Ferguson. While judging, we all got our hopes up when one judge was overheard to say my Dried Cherry Apple was "almost perfect."

It was a shame, but the Buttermilk Cherry's crust soaked up some of the liquid from the filling and lost its crispy-ness overnight.

Pictures of the pie slices are the "sample pies" and are not as thick with filling as the real deals are . . . Unfortunately, when all was said and done, neither one of my pies won a prize. The cheering section - Michael, Angela, and my high school friend, Mike, felt "robbed" and it is probably attributable only the the overwhelming number of pie samples and the fact that mine were sampled very early in the process. Needless to say, it broke my heart, but we will try again.

As Angela pointed out - I have an entire year to "practice" and they will be happy to come and help judge the effort! hehehehe

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