Friday, August 24, 2007

Nothing but Doom and Gloom!

Today a monster storm rolled through North St. Louis . . . and right through my yard! I thought last year's storm in August was bad, or perhaps the ice storm of last January that did all sorts of damage by knocking out my power for days on end. Today's only knocked out my power for a couple hours . . . long enough for me to do dishes, peel and slice 11 peaches, and nearly get blown out of my skin!!!

The following are pictures of what greeted me outside my front door after the biggest boom I've heard since the 50's that actually shook the house and scared me witless!

This is (was?) a tulip tree about 80 feet or more tall and at least 60 years old that lived just outside my front walk. Now I only hope that it doesn't die completely . . .

For happier news, please click the link at left for my stained glass blog - new picture!!

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