Friday, March 28, 2008

This Is Not A Tree

Ok - So I've been a bad blogger. Nobody seemed to notice, anyway. I'm still unemployed, still depressed about that, had a difficult winter with 70s one day, 12" of snow the next. Flooding in St. Louis this spring . . . it just gets better and better.
But - a very interesting thing happened last nite while I was goofing off at my computer around 2 a.m. Thought I heard a knock on the front door. Got up, looked, nobody there. But this is what greeted me this morning in the backyard:

No - not the big thing in the back that is OBVIOUSLY a TREE. This is what happens when a huge branch falls from about 80 feet high and lands in about 12" worth of very rain-softened ground. Apparently, the noise I heard was a secondary branch broken off this one (you can see it there in the lower left corner), and it bounced off a fire pit which knocked the lid off that and onto the patio. I even gave the branch a nudge to see how solid it is in the ground - pretty darned solid! Just amazing!

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LMRFrench said...

I noticed. See I commented.