Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny Doctors

Ok - so last LABOR DAY I fell and landed on my left knee. Instead of just crushing the kneecap like a normal person, I broke a major blood vessel in my leg. The leg swelled up and blood drained clear down to my foot, and the whole thing looked positively awful.

Now, eight months later, I have a horrible sinus infection that causes me (finally in desperation) to the doctor's office. Mind you, I was SUPPOSED to make an appointment in December, but didn't. Heck - I felt fine, no insurance, simple decision.

Anyway, while there I showed him the huge spot on the back of my left calf, down the front of the shin, and just to the left of my knee. I asked him how much longer he thought it would take to disappear. This is what he said:

"When the blood drained into your leg, the iron in your blood bonded with skin cells sort of like a tatoo. Basically, you're rusting!"

Swell - a bruise that won't ever go away, and a funny doctor.

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