Monday, November 09, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Finally, with the cooling temperatures and nice breezes, some life is returning after the lazy summer! This Saturday I got the energy to put decorative concrete edging bricks along the side of the garage to make the garden there a bit nicer. Note on the bottom right the huge rocks I had to dig up to install the silly thing! Hopefully, my neighbor will enjoy the view out her bedroom window a bit more now! Especially, once I get more iris planed along here, should be stunning in the spring!

I also spent time on Sunday with my sis-in-law, Grace, downstairs in the glass studio. I've been putzing along with an entire desk set for what seems like forever! I had the thing almost completely cut out (after changing leaf colors several times), and realized there wasn't enough of the background color to complete the whole set. Grace and I went back to the glass store and, since they had no more, bought a close runner-up color. Never satisfied with it, I headed to the glass store in downtown St. Louis and, as remarkable as it seems, found more of the background color!! So, was able to get the whole thing cut out, This is the completed set! There's a business cardholder, desk organizer with a space for Post It notes, and a pencil holder. I even managed to take a couple "artsy" pictures of it outside, even though the sun didn't cooperate!

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