Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Science 101

I know that the burning question on everybody’s mind is this: Just how far can you spread two tablespoons of chunky garden pepper salsa? You don’t have to wonder any more – after extensive not-so-scientific research this evening, I can tell you – you can successfully coat the interior of an 8 foot cube. Not only does this stuff cling to horizontal surfaces, but vertical ones, as well!! Doesn’t matter if the surface is vinyl flooring, glass (such as found on microwave doors and windows in the wall), painted wood (such as a basement door), varnished wood (like the cabinet doors), tile (as found on kitchen walls), cotton fabric (such as my shirt), nylon fibers (such as are found in my throw rug), enamel (like the stove), and there may even still be some still clinging on the ceiling (not to mention the ceiling fan).

Yes, my friends, I beseech you – NEVER, EVER shake a jar of salsa unless you make darned sure the lid is screwed on tightly!!! Just remember - I did this for all of YOU - so you won't have to!


Gwen said...

Thank you for that momentous discover. It's amazing what takes 2 seconds can take hours of clean up. :-)

Jasmine said...

Ah hah hah hah. Nice blog. Come stop on by.

Gwen said...

Have you foresaken your blog?? No updates for a week? Are we to think you've acquired a life or that you have no life to write about?? :-)