Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's Finally Happened!!!!

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Yes, Campers!!! I have cut the cord, so to speak, joined the 21st Century BIG-TIME, and completly severed my relationship with the ominous LOCAL PHONE COMPANY!!!

How? I hear you cry!!! I opted for Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) or "How to Use Your Computer and Highspeed Cable Service to Make Phone Calls." This option is going to end up saving me a lot of money over time. For only $24.95 a month, the $66 phone bill every month is history! Long-distance calls are virtually free to anywhere in the US and Canada. Calls overseas are incredibly cheap - 3 cents a minute to the UK, for example. (Wonder why she'd wanna call there . . .)Needless to say, I'm completely thrilled. Michael (my son) got this about 6 months ago and I kinda poo-poo-ed it. Then I started working at Avanade and learned the joys of VoIP. Even stuck at the reception desk it is so darned slick!!! Somebody calls, wants somebody other than me (who can imagine such a thing??) so I do the entire transfer on my computer screen! Same thing with voicemail - no more sloppy phone, no sirree!! I just click on the message and play it through the computer. Will wonders ever cease??? Totally amazing, and I have the same thing in my very own home now!

If anybody out there needs my testimonial, just make a comment to this posting. I will be happy to testify to the wonders of VoIP, and even happier to get your email and invite you to Vonage (my carrier) where you'll get the first month free, and I'll get a month or two free just for referring you! I know - crass, but worthwhile for everybody.

Oh, another thing - Vonage dropped their rates by $5 a month (or 16.6%) just last month. And the VERY BEST THING???? When the phone company calls and begs you to come back, you can actually tell them to go suck pond water over your brand new, very own VoIP. Now, that's true happiness!!!

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