Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Update

Well - things are going . . . . . going . . . .
Yeah. Anyway. Looks like the job I've been working at will be ending sometime in the next week or two. Been looking (as ever) for my next gig and hoping for a "keeper." Hopefully everybody who knows me (and some who don't) will be keeping their fingers crossed for me, too!
Big event of last week: Actually noticing when the car rolled over to 111, 111.1 miles. What a deal! Kinda fun, in an odd sorta way.
Biggest event in the yard this week - the wren who found the perfect place to nest - enclosed with a HUGE picture window! She built a lovely little mud/moss/stick/leaf nest in my barbeque pit! Of course, I'm too soft-hearted to move her out. Besides, she'd probably peck me!
Potato Update! The potatoes were planted in a half-barrel and grew out of that, so I installed a 24" chicken wire cylinder over that, and they've grown out of that, too! I just tucked some leaves around the edges and kept filling it with dirt to encourage more tubers. Can hardly wait now until I get to harvest them. Just about everybody I know is curious what will be there - including me! I will update with pictures when the time comes.
The garden is growing it's head off! The chicken wire fence still has not been breached so I now have eggplants, tomatoes, green beans, purple beans, cucumber plants, lettuce, beets, and squash and some mystery stuff (not sure, but is growing in a straight row, so I must have planted it!). All I ask for is just one meal with purple beans and cheese sauce!!!
For Father's Day, just couldn't get up the excitement to bake the "traditional" butterscotch pies, so managed a butterscotch cheesecake, instead. Think it was a hit - it's pretty well gone now! Grace fixed lasagna, Wendy made a salad, and Kelly and Jason supplied the entertainment - in the form of six month-old Lindsay. I also FINALLY got some pictures! Am thrilled and had to show those off at work today. It was a very nice day!
More pictures will be on the way soon!

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Gwen said...

You will be sharing the wealth I hope... I was there in the lean years before you sought out the protectiveness of a chickenwire fence.