Wednesday, July 06, 2005

6 Jul 05 in Blu's Backyard

It's Stargazer Days at Blu's!!!

This year the bunnies didn't eat them, and the squirrels didn't dig them up!! So, there are a total of 10 blooms. These have all opened up since Tuesday morning, and they are absolutely glorious!
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Not a bad closeup!

The whole bunch together . . .

And - Here's Lazlo - my "grand-dog" who is visiting while his "parents" (my son, Michael, and his wife, Angela) are off to the east coast to shoot wedding pictures. Tonight included an emergency trip to the grocery store for Milkbones - and a new, BIG tennis ball. Ever since I gave him the toy, I am no longer allowed to touch it! hehehe! He's HUGE - 111 pounds and can almost knock me over. I say "almost" because he hasn't quite done it yet, but it's only a matter of time! He's already picked a favorite stick in the backyard - and I'm no longer allowed to touch that, either! It is a nice treat to have him for almost a week - but I gotta admit, Granny's tuckered after just one night's entertainment.

Also - quick job update. I still have one this week - and they're keeping me busier, so I'm enjoying it more. Hopefully, something else permanent will come along soon and I can rejoin the normal workforce and start feeling like a member of a team (any team?) again. Will be nice to finally get my life a bit more settled after the last two full years of uncertainty.

Keep those fingers crossed! - and thanks!

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