Saturday, July 16, 2005


Had a nice week - at least the evenings! Still working temp, and waiting news on the great job I interviewed for the end of June. When I last checked there was no decision yet, but they said they would let everybody know once they had singled out a candidate. I've still had no letter of regret, so am still a bit hopeful. But, in all honesty, have convinced myself I won't get it, even tho it feels like a perfect fit. Just the way my luck seems to run.

Michael and Angela came home Monday from the Baltimore, MD, area and took my "grand dog," Lazlo, home. Miss the silly mutt for some reason. He didn't give me a moment's peace, but maybe that's a good thing!

Tuesday, Wendy, my niece, came over and we went to a 30% off yarn sale at Myer House - a great yarn shop near my house. She went slightly nuts, but I managed to be a bit more reserved due to my finances. Anyway, I got a nice Regia blue stripey yarn (1932) for a pair of socks and some #1 needles. Tiny! Next week, they have 40% off bags of yarn.

Wednesday, I was left to my own devices, and didn't do anything special, but Thursday, Michael and Angela took me to dinner at IHOP - my favorite place for breakfast at dinner time. We had a very nice evening!

Last nite, again, nothing special, but since I'm not accustomed to so much activity during the week, it was nice. Today, went back to Myer's House and got another pair of socks' worth of yarn (Regia 5729), and one that makes a pattern to make a Harlequin Hat (Regia 5178)for little Lindsay. Hopefully, that will keep me out of trouble a while! Also, finishing up a pair of knitted anklets for my best friend's niece. They'll be here the second week of August, so not too much time left (that's precisely why they're anklets!)

Also, been disassembling Wendy's mohair sweater - she ended up hating it, and it wouldn't fit me, so I am meticulously unraveling it. It is very similar to trying to unwind cotton candy. What a job! All the little hairs float around and tickle your nose! They've also ended up in every mouthful of food I've had at home since I started!

I am considering putting in an application to work as a craft instructor at the Michael's craft store in Florissant. Would add to my cash and would hopefully be a lot of fun! Will keep you posted.

It has been WAY too hot to be outside much, but am glad it finally decided to rain a while here - thanks to Hurricane Dennis. Kinda like my life - feast or famine. Either we are bone dry for weeks on end, or it rains buckets every darned day! At least the grass is greening up, and the garden hasn't completely died yet, so there may be hope.

I will post some pictures of my newest hand-knit socks on my needlework blog soon - and maybe the little hat once it's finished.


Gwen said...

I love the 5729 Regia. I almost considered getting some of that on Tuesday, but it would have cut into my Stitches budget. I I'm down to 4 weeks at this point.

Ann said...

Just wondering if you have been to Michael's yet. It sounds like a win-win and I really think you would have don't just sit there..