Friday, July 29, 2005

Newest Monster In Town!!

It is official – I have created a monster! It is a full-blown list of “stuff” that needs to get done around the house – for my visiting girlfriend from Houston, and “Everything Else.” I have enlisted my project coordination skills for this list – assigned them letters indicating if they are something I can do, something that will require the help of a relative, friend or a professional, and some things that will have to wait until I’m better employed, like “buy and install dishwasher.”

The next step included organizing them by area in the house or yard and assigning a date to aim for while accomplishing the tasks. For example, 11 of the items are scheduled for completion THIS weekend. UGH! There’s lots on the list, and some which requires my son’s involvement. Also, I've managed to schedule tasks for myself during the time he may be helping, which will most likely push my tasks off onto another day. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Granted, Michael's been an angel this week – helping his great aunt with her storage dilemma and shifting boxes so she can find and reach stuff, bringing me a bunch of white asparagus he found at the store (he knows I'm a sucker for it!), bringing an old co-worker and friend by to visit. And now I’m asking for more. Considering today is his 10th wedding anniversary, with the frequency of my requests for help, here’s hoping he sees his 11th!

Anyway, the general categories for my friend’s visit contain stuff like “vacuum, clean, wash windows.” Those are vague enough. But it is the “Everything Else” category is the difficult one. It contains such vague references as “backyard – weed and mulch.”

Then, there are all the “side tasks” – those things not listed, but that will pop up when there’s no time to complete them. I’ll take a stab at doing them as they’re uncovered, but we all know that will throw the schedule off by days. These things include such as cleaning and filling the kitchen cabinets my son plans to rehang tomorrow. With any luck, the “when” column will only contain things labeled “Soon,” “Fall,” and “Someday” by August 8th. Should be interesting to see how far I get – how far into the future things will manage to get postponed. Actually, I've managed to postpone many of these tasks for three years. You have to wonder why the push now to do something about them! With any luck, I will end up with a clean house, a beautiful yard, and a garage I can park my car in! But, more importantly, this will take care of all those constant little niggling voices in my head saying, “You really MUST caulk in this bathroom!” every time I go in there.


Will keep ya posted!

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