Monday, September 05, 2005

Ancient Mystery Solved!

I present for your information and entertainment a photo of my front door and accompanying light switch as seen from the inside. Make special note of the light switch. I have . . . . many times.

On closer inspection, we can clearly see two switches to the left - top is for the front porch and bottom is for the entryway lights. And on the very right is the dimmer switch - for the track lighting over the far end of the livingroom.

I moved into this house in August of 2002 - just over three years ago. In all that time, I have been baffled about that center switch. At Christmas - ALL THREE YEARS - I tried to make it work the outside receptacle so that I could control the Christmas lights with a quick flip of the switch. But NOOOOOOOO! That never worked! I gave up finally and decided it just wasn't connected to anything and went about living my little hum-drum life.

Well, not anymore! In all those years, that "lovely" plant has been sitting in that spot - HIDING AN ELECTRIC RECEPTACLE! Yes, that center switch controls that receptacle!! Now - you have to understand that I moved a very heavy recliner sofa all alone to hook an extension cord into a receptacle behind it so I could vacuum - for THREE YEARS. I finally discovered this little oddity when I cleaned the livingroom and dining room carpet last week. Whew!

Can anybody say "blond idiot?"

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LadyLacey said...

I am glad you found that switch, i have one in my house as well. :o)