Thursday, September 01, 2005

Monster Update #3 and Katrina

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about my monster chore list. Now that we've been able to "stand down" from the full "Julie Alert" and are back with a green light and also since I'm not working, it has been reborn. So, this week, the carpet got cleaned. Yippee! Another major chore completed, at least for a while. It's funny - the carpet went from the nice, light tan to an elephant grey!! It is beautiful! Next - washing woodwork and curtains. Ugh! Once these are done, it will be cooler and time to spend some time outside weeding and trimming.

Also, dug up my tub of potato plants last weekend. It is hard to believe, but all that was in there was DIRT! Not even a nub the size of a pea! That's it - I may be done gardening! Just not enough sun in my yard. This year, combined with the drought, I got absolutely nothing. Sigh. All that hard work!

Also - please keep thinking good thoughts for Hurricane Katrina victims. My friends Julie, Bill, his son, and their friends, Julie's co-workers at PWC, and everybody else affected - the damage is unbelievable, now made more difficult by the actions of some of the victims. I am just pleased that the people I know who live there or have property are safe and dry in other areas - but I know that it will be a long way to normal from here. New Orleans is a great town full of history and fun, and we can only hope that its best aspects are salvageable. I know it is constantly in my thoughts as I watch the news.

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