Monday, October 03, 2005

Not Much Blogging - Not Much News

Not too much going on in my little world. I am once again gainfully employed, but once again as a "temp." Wonder if I will ever have a real job I can call my own for the "duration" again. Has been a couple years now. Perhaps I should try my best, and actually consider myself "semi-retired." At least this particular one is with a good company and will allow me to meet my financial obligations for a change instead of just scraping by. That's something to be thankful for!

Otherwise, if you've visited my knitting blog, you will notice that everywhere in my life is my "waiting room" and much of my time waiting for the phone to ring has been filled with knitting. Gotten lots of little stuff done.

With the Great Drought of 2005 officially over, the devestation in my yard and garden is almost complete. I have one surviving tomato plant which is currently graced with 3 tiny green tomatoes - the first of my season. Surely the fall leaves can't be too far behind. Figures! The begonias in front have managed to hang on and are only a couple months stunted. When they are finally killed off by the frost, they should look pretty good! And the Montmorency cherry tree survived! Now if it can make it through the winter, perhaps we will see more than one cherry next year. I can hardly wait! Although I have decided to give up the official vegetable garden and will pursue this in pots on the patio next year in hopes of a better harvest - or just a harvest of something!

At least during this little break I have kept busy and completed quite a few of the things I can do that were listed on my Monster Chore list. Thank goodness! Several of the remaining things require either a man or enough money or both . . . so they will wait a bit longer, as right now neither of those are on my horizons. One day, I vow, the car will be able park in the garage again!! Garbage will get ground up in my disposal again!! And laundry will spend an hour in a magical box and come out fluffy and dry instead of hanging in the basement on a clothesline for a couple days and ending up like boards. You heard it here first!

So, tomorrow I take the required drug test for the job, and hopefully will start within a week or so. Yippee! Keep your fingers crossed!

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