Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Singing That Ole "I'm Still a Stupid New Homeowner" Blues

Ok - I admit it - I like to take baths. Long, hot, steamy baths that make my fingers all pruney. When I moved in three and a half years ago, I realized there was a problem with the tub stopper-upper. It leaked. "Smart new homeowner" that I was, I took off the little strainer frackus and bought a plug. Works great!

However . . . the other night I had quite a scare. I admit, I have long hair, and I try very hard to keep the hair debris from going down the tub drain. So, imagine how shocked I was about 45 minutes after my tub plug was pulled to still find about two inches of water left, slowly trickling out the drain!! "Smart new homeowner" to the rescue - I got a crochet hook and dug for hair in the drain and . . . . nothing! Figured it was finally going to require a call to the plumber, when I noticed that the little built-in tub plug was in the "up" position, supposedly holding in the water!!! Once I flipped that, the darned thing drained great!

Another lesson learned!

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