Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Birthday??? So soon???

Yes, another come and gone . . .

But it was a wonderful day! We went to dinner - my brother, his wife, my niece, my son, and daughter-in-law - to the Hacienda. In my book, this place is just about as good as some in Houston, where I spent about six months pigging out on Tex-Mex and getting somewhat picky about what really good Mexican food is supposed to be like. Anyway, we had a wonderful time - they drank Margueritas, and *I* had a Pina Colada. I must be the only person in America who can't stand Margueritas. Anyway - I got some great cards, full of my family's finest sappy sentiments (actually hilarious cards), and checks to cover most of the glass purchases for my stained glass fireplace screen - see the blog link to the left. I also got a lovely hammer drill from my son (and his wife who kept shaking her head for some reason). That is so I can hang things on my concrete basement walls. It was a wonderful evening and I had a great time. Thrilled is putting it mildly! AND I got a complementary fried ice cream (with a candle) for dessert!

I figure, even though I feel as old as dirt at this point, at least I'm still on the right side of the grass!

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LadyLacey said...

Happy Birthday Susan, hopefully all are most of your wishes comes true.