Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 2006

Geesh - almost an entire month has flown by with barely a peep out of me here! Bad blogger!

Everything has been a whirlwind for me this month. My birthday, still working and still loving it, busy with a broken computer (hard drive crash), trying to keep up with my son and his constant back-and-forths to work in Kansas City, spring's here - no it isn't - yes it is - no it isn't. If you've visited my knitting and needlework blog, you'll see I've been busy there knitting a shawl and making curtains for my office/guest room. Have also been getting things situated to begin a huge stained glass project - a fireplace screen that will be covered with irises. Beautiful. So, it's not like I've been sitting on my thumbs all month . . . .

Oh - and my niece is leaving St. Louis and moving to Kansas City (actually, Overland Park, KS) for a new job with her old firm. A nice promotion, but an upheaval here at home. I'm sure she will flourish there just as she always has, but it will be difficult for those of us staying here.

Anyway, hopefully, spring really will be here soon. My bulbs and azaleas think it's time and the robins are back. With the weather going from 70s one day to about 25 a couple days later with snow, I wouldn't be surprised to find frozen robins stuck to tree limbs one day! Would love to remove my fake squirrel's hat sometime soon. Perhaps he will get that new muffler next year.

It's about time to get back out in the yard and see if I can find plants other than hostas that thrive with no sun. Am also eagerly anticipating the blooming of the cherry tree I planted last spring, and seeing if I actually get some cherries this year (will have to beat the birds and squirrels to them!)

I really will try and be a better blogger.

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Gwen said...

Miss you! I'm finally online after all the drama...