Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My (Fake) Gambling Addiction

I have come to the realization that I am in over my head. For several years, in the privacy of my own home, an insidious addiction has woven itself into my secret personality. Yes, like millions of other internet junkies, sites like "Gamesville" and "Bingos.net" have worked their way into my life. Every night, about 10 p.m., I head for my home office and plant myself for an hour or so of just vegging out. At Gamesville, points and icons are the rewards. I now have over 1.1 million points, and my icon is a baseball. Next up - after just another 300,000 points will be something new that will designate to everybody there that I have surpassed people with stars, clovers, teddy bears, hearts, pieces of pizza, and a burning yellow flame. Ah - that is a goal worth striving for! But, only weekends and nights at home . . . .

The other one - the most intriguing one of all - is Bingos.net. The actually hand over $10,000 when you sign up! Imagine that! $10,000 FAKE dollars to gamble away at the bingo hall, slots, poker and keno games! In the privacy of your own home!! Does life get any better??? All alone one night, playing "Trolling for Treasure" I hit the second largest jackpot! 7500 coins - or 7500 times the 25 cents I played. $1,875 MORE FAKE MONEY! It was 11:45 by this time - alarm goes off at 6:15 a.m., and I could have cared less! I did a little office chair dance, threw my arms in the air and yelled "yippee!!!"

It only took me a couple evenings of bingo and more Trolling to lose that. Kept telling myself, it's only fake so splurge! Soon, I was betting $22.50 for each turn of the wheels . . . waiting for the boats . . . or the special side game where you get to open a treasure chest. With that much riding on it, I'd surely make a fortune!

Now I'm down to only $8,000 or so and wondering about the glory days of just last week when I had $10,600+ in there. Sigh. Will I ever get back to that grand day of only last Wednesday????

So, where does someone call to announce to the powers that be that you are addicted to losing fake money on fake, but lifelike, games? Is there no number for Fake Gambler's Annonomous? I'm sure I probably need help of some sort, but until that happens, it sure is fun!

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