Monday, April 10, 2006

Some Thrilling Announcements!

I am positively thrilled to announce that my Mandevilla vine survived the long winter months of absolute neglect in my home office and is back outside in the sunshine. The entire stem from last year died, but it sent up 4 new shoots that are green and growing. Pictures will follow IF we get some blooms this year. Actually, I'm hoping for more than last year, since the main stem is a year older.

Also, my Montmorency cherry tree - a Mother's Day gift that was installed last spring - survived the winter, is starting to put out some lovely bright green leaves, and is positively LOADED with flower buds!! I will put up pictures of that once they are out. I can hardly wait. Last year, when it came here, there were already 3 little green cherries. Of course, they ripened, and were devoured by either the squirrels or birds. All I know is one day they were there, the next day they were gone!

Also will soon be planting some new oriental lilies to go with the Stargazers. My tulips are doing great, and the peonies are showing signs of buds already. Soon the azaleas will be blooming which, of course, means prettier pictures for my blog!

Happy spring!

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