Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

It was a busy, busy day in the back yard! Took my little camera out to see what was "up," so to speak.

Found the following: Narcissis; wild violets that grow in the yard and are purple, white, and everything in between; some orange/yellow tulips; a red tulip; perriwinkle; pink tulips; bleeding heart (which I adore!); and a bush full of flowering quince! Not bad for one day, plus a few daffodils that are still hanging on. I was so thrilled, I planted some new Oriental lilies. Can't wait for the blooms (hope the darned squirrels don't devour those!).

And speaking of squirrels, has anybody else bought one of those extravagent "squirrel proof" bird feeders? I got one a couple weeks ago. It took the squirrels a couple days to find it, and one to dismantle it. Somehow, they slip the spring that blocks the food from them. Of course, once they do that, the birds can't eat it either. I figured out how to re-hook the spring, and have done it as a daily ritual ever since. I may have to resort to something lethal . . . even tho it is not like me at all. Sigh.

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