Friday, July 28, 2006

The End of Another . . . . Job . . . .

After being laid off from my job at Wyeth in November of 2003, I've had about six temp/contract positions doing differing things at various places. And by far and away, leaving the job I've worked at for the last nine and a half months today has been the most difficult. Unfortunately, the budget wouldn't support me any longer.

I started last October updating customer websites, and once that kind of petered out in mid-November, I was picked up by another manager working on a very specific database project. Apparently, that went so well that my duties grew to where I was still doing a task for the first manager, another updating specific websites for someone else, and a boatload of high-profile databases for the new manager.

Now, you must understand - these managers are a hoot! They are very bright, knowledgeable men, and both are adept at changing from detail freaks to happy, joking co-workers in the blink of an eye. Other people were helpful getting my rusty Access skills back up to semi-expert level, and still others gently pointed me in the right directions as I hunted for data, people's desks, and so forth. We all teased each other mercilessly, and that basically made work beyond enjoyable.

Personally, I feel that all these folks are very good friends now. It seems nobody really wanted me to leave - especially my boss - and everyone hopes I will be back very soon. There is a possibility of a position to which I've applied in the same department. After the cookies this morning and the "farewell ice cream party" they had for me this afternoon, it's doubtful anybody would want to be in her place. It's like everybody who knows me and what I can do will be bugging her to bring me back. Right now, it is my only hope, but I will keep looking there and hoping to return.

I am purposefully not naming the company - they have been wonderful to me and I will cherish the time spent working there.

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Ken Watts said...

We miss you Susan!!!!