Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My 5-Day St. Louis Power Outage

After getting power back last night sometime, tonite was spent cleaning out the freezers. While doing that, thought of writing this song (You know the tune, join on in!):

Disposing the freezer contents, thanks to AmerenUE, I tossed:
12 frozen croisants,
11 chicken legs,
10 2" boneless porkchops,
9 boxes of cornmeal mix,
8 pork cutlettes,
7 assorted leftovers,
6 pounds of butter,
5 pounds of bacon!
4 entire chickens,
3 bags of venison,
2 bags of veggies,
and a bag of flour with an Arabic label! OR:
and an whole frozen Thanksgiving turkey!

Needed to share that with somebody, so it ends up on my blog.

Imagine carting all that in one giant trash bin to the curb. I truly feel a bit old and creaky tonite!

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