Monday, July 31, 2006

Made it Through Day One

So, Sunday evening was nice. Not that "oh, I have to get ready for the work week again" thing. This morning I slept till 8:30, had a leisurely breakfast, did dishes, watched TV and knitted all day.

No revelations, no burst of creative energy, no 180 degree change of direction to a new career in writing or catering or cookie baking. So far, since I left the job on Friday, have cleaned, done laundry, cleaned, done dishes, cleaned, knitted, signed up for unemployment, cooked, and cleaned. My car hasn't left the garage, nor have I worn shoes, since Friday. I haven't even poked my nose outside, since it's been over 100 degrees out there since Friday . . . . Just too hot!

I did, however, make a discovery. If you have VoIP, set to simultaneously ring your home and cell phone, and your cell phone battery goes completely dead . . . . . so does your home phone. Sort of sympathy ring, I think. The whole mess just dumps directly into voice mail on, of all places, the cell phone. Make some sense, I suppose, if you look at it in a warped and mysterious way . . .

Anyway, on to Day Two. Sure hope this doesn't last a long time! I have learned valuable lessons, however . . . Don't begin your job hunt by calling every temp firm in the region. This leads to temp jobs, not permanent ones with benefits. Do keep detailed records of all your job applications - unemployment wants to know you're looking. Never, ever, under any circumstances, answer the phone in the morning if you are not entirely awake! Let it roll to voice mail and claim unavailability. Let all your friends and family know you're looking - you never know who they know. Guess that's a good start.

Anybody in St. Louis need a devoted, honest, hard working, intelligent Business Analyst with Access whiz? Am also MOS certified, A+ and Network+ certified, and a darned nice person. Just leave a comment - I promise, I'll contact you!

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