Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Need a Job!!

Ok - today's Day 4 of official unemployment, unofficial "vacation."

I've managed to make some "important" calls, had a friend actually drop by - then force me into the front yard to pick up downed branches and limbs from the storm! Yesterday it finally cooled off a bit, so it was designated "errand day." Started out visiting the local yarn shop to buy 5" No. 2 needles - and they didn't have any for the second time . . . had everything else, but not these. Arrgh! (Came home and ordered them from an internet source.) Then dropped off some printouts about Denis Leary for my hairdresser who seems to have developed a "thing" for him and his firefighter causes. On to the hardware store to buy piano wire so I can finally block the Pacific Northwest shawl I finished March 8th. Then hit the grocery store.

Now, I've been working the last 9.5 months and have forgotten the laws of weekday daytime shopping. NEVER GO TO THE GROCERY STORE DURING A 15 HOUR SALE. Every grandpa, grandma, nursing home resident, and mother with 12 children under the age of 5 is there, stocking up. After the storm, I was terrified of buying much in case they decided to turn off the electricity again. Just enough for a few days. Which means - I ended up trying to shop IN THE MORNING AT THE 15 HOUR SALE. Omigod! How awful is that???

So, today, I had to go through some more of my aunt's stuff - travel books, brochures, postcards, and pictures. Some of our trip in 1969, some of another trip she made in 1983. And ran across this picture . . . .

(Sorry about the glare off the original snapshot, but couldn't resist!) Can you believe this? I not only remember this place in France, but remember USING IT, and then regaling my friends and family with stores about it! You put your feet on the sides (where indicated), do your business and FLUSH THE FLOOR! See??? It actually exists!

So all the quilt tops, travel books, and old knitting projects have been sent to the basement (where they will be rediscovered upon my death). I still have to hang a few pictures and take the rest down for storage, but . . . .


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