Friday, August 25, 2006

A Hairy Visitor

My "Grand-puppy," Lazlo, is visiting with me this weekend. Mind you, it's a small house! And he's a small horse! This cuddly guy weighs about 120 pounds and loves to visit here, apparently. He hasn't said any different, so I'm going with that.

First thing he does in the yard is find the biggest stick he can. Remember last week, when I was raking back there? Somehow missed a 7-foot branch which he found immediately. After playing with it about 10 minutes, it was a more manageable 2-foot stick. So, he's claimed that as his own, and regardless of where he leaves it, he goes right to it every time he's out there.

Oh - and this dog will NOT go outside alone! No - I have to go along and remain outside while he does whatever dogs like to do - squirrel patrol (he's REALLY good at scaring them away for quite a while!), perimeter patrol, bird feeder check, and a great deal of ground sniffing.

One thing I discovered (at about 2:35 a.m.) is that he doesn't like things making noise in the night - like ice makers. It must have dropped a tray of ice about then, he he woke up and barked a few times. He's probably 5 years old or so, and before last night I've heard him "woof" quietly a couple times only. He managed to wake me up last nite, and today didn't like somebody walking along the street in front of the house. All these new things!

Anyway, he makes the days more interesting, not to mention the nights!

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