Monday, August 28, 2006

Lazlo Update

Conversation with a happy dog . . .

"Yes!!! You moved!! I am so HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!! Lemme lick your face! Your hand! Are you AWAKE YET??? Wanna play????? I slept all night, and I'm Hap-Hap-HAPPY!!! See me wiggle? I'm knocking everything off your nightstand! HAHAHAHAHAHA Why aren't you playing with me? I'm HERE! You act asleep. WAKE UP!! TIME TO PLAY! YAHOO!! WHOOPEE!!"

You'll notice - I don't get a word in edgewise!

Yes, this is the face I've been waking up to in the morning - regardless of whether it's 1:03 a.m., 2:48 a.m., 5:54 a.m., 8:18 a.m. or whatever. Everytime I roll over, or move, or maybe snore, Lazlo's on FULL ALERT - greeting me, happy I'm alive, and ready for anything.

I've discovered that he doesn't just chase rabbits in his sleep like most of the other dogs I've known in my life. He EATS in his sleep - knashing his teeth and making a horrible noise.

Sad, but his "parents" are on their way home today from Mississippi, and he will be thrilled to see them. He takes my mind off my own troubles and forces me to play with him and spoil him rotten. Sigh. He'll be missed.

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