Monday, August 07, 2006


After my last pathetic post, decided today was a day for change - for getting something done - making some kind of progress! Things I thought about doing included knitting (so, ok, I did some of that), baking a pie (nope - not gonna happen today), making cookies (also not happening today). I felt in the mood to kill something and vent frustration. Even though the thermometer read 90 degrees, figured it is supposed to rain today, how bad can it be? (Pretty darned bad!)

I slipped on my rubber sandals and headed for the garage. Have meant to pull weeds forever, and decided today was it. (Nope - today WASN'T it!) Got to the yard and immediately started hacking down trash trees along the fence, behind the lilac bushes, the lillies, and all the good stuff that's out there dying because I refuse to pay so much for water. Pulled down mulberry trees and honeysuckle and some kind of vine with thousands - no, billions - of tiny little thorns! Once I had established a nice pile of this utter chaos, went about hacking it up with my clippers - mainly because I'm exceedingly cheap and the refuse bags they force me to use cost 50 cents apiece.

With only one "break" and, so far, only one blister, the fence is much cleaner and you can actually tell which plants are supposed to be there. Next - I will paint them with Roundup and hopefully kill the freaking pests!

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