Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yeah - Right!

Imagine my dismay when I scanned the odd news of the day, and discovered St. Louis featured prominently!! The headline reads: "Exhibit Eyes Record for Display of 2-Headed Animals." (View the article on this page.) Now, I've know for a long time about the 2-headed albino rat snake "We." The World Aquarium at the City Museum here in St. Louis tried to sell it earlier this year, so pictures have appeared locally and been on the news, etc.

Well this, now, is bazaar! I suppose all the displayed animals would be live, and quite a collection. So far, there are 10 animals being displayed, and they're hoping to have a "head count" (ugh!) of 22 total if the local owner of another snake joins.

But, since I have been born, raised, and currently live here, is this what I want to have people think of when they think "St. Louis?" Not really.

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