Saturday, September 09, 2006

Physics 101

Time for another blond moment. Tonite I barbecued pork cutlets. I had two bottles of barbecue sauce in the fridge so dumped one into the other. Of course, lots still clung to the inside of the emptied bottle, so, being the good "waste not, want not" kinda person I am, I put the lid on and up-ended the bottle on the counter to drain it all into the neck so I could then get the rest out and put it in the first bottle. So the bottle sat there while I cooked outside, and when I came in, the sauce was in the neck. Lucky me!

When I went to take off the lid and drain it into the other bottle, the air inside the drained bottle had warmed and expanded. This created a backlash of air that popped out when I lifted the lid . . . . causing the contents to explode all over me! I had red sauce in my hair, all down the front of my shirt - it was disgusting.

If I'd been thinking, though, I would have staggered out the front door and collapsed on the front lawn. With that much red sauce on me, I would have looked like a murder victim!

At least it didn't end up on the ceiling, walls and doors like the salsa did a year or so ago . . . just all over me!

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