Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beautiful October 1st!

It turned out to be an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Sunday for the annual Turkey and Ham dinner at Immaculate Conception Church in Augusta, Missouri. My dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and a co-worker and his wife and 3 year-old son all went.

At noon, there was already a huge crowd waiting for dinner and we were in the 600 series of numbers to eat. Can't imagine how many folks they feed! They cook the turkeys at home and the men take the meat off the bones, there's sliced ham, too, dressing with raisins, mashed potatoes, gravey, beans, corn, and all kinds of pie for dessert. On the table is bakery bread, homemade apple butter and apple sauce, and tea and coffee to drink. Quite a spread!

Then they have games for kids, bingo, musicial entertainers, games of chance, crafters, and quilts, as you can see. Really a nice day, and a lovely trip - about 40 minutes from home.

Afterwards, my dad and I headed to Centennial Farms in Augusta to visit their pumpkin displays. The entire cast of the Wizard of Oz and a couple on a wagon were there.

They also had some nice gourds, apples, sweet potatoes, honey, and the bee hive that you can see into and watch the bees. Great fun!

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