Friday, December 15, 2006

The Return

It is the return of the Mystery tree of 2004. This is the tree that mysteriously appeared in my driveway on the day my great niece was born. I arrived home from the hospital and a celebratory dinner with the family, and found it in my driveway. To this day, nobody will admit to being the one who delivered this tree. But I love it. Was pushed into bringing it up and decorating by a number of people. Most noteworthy would be my niece (not the mom one, but the other one) and my high school friend, Mike. He even helped bring it and boxes of ornaments up from the basement, helped set it up, and tried like crazy to get the star to stay vertical.

You will also note that for a household of one, there are a bunch of presents under the tree . . . and I had an absolute blast picking them out, waiting for delivery and wrapping. Am almost finished with that, and now must start making toffee and baking cookies.

Isn't this the cutest ornament you ever saw? Was another gift from 2004 when I was a project coordinator and managed the front desk. We had lots of vendors, and one of them gave me this beautiful little guy from the Irish Crystal Shoppe here in town.

We also made a trip to the glassblower last weekend, and I now have about 8 of the handblown ornaments. They even got hung on the tree this year! Oh, wonder of wonders! It is indeed a magical Christmas!

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