Friday, December 08, 2006

What a Mess!!!

What a mess is right!

About 10:45 p.m. Thursday night, 30 Nov, I was sitting at my computer IM-ing with my niece and sis-in-law, when there was a horrible banging and I thought a plane had flown into my house. Power was still on, but by the time I got to the kitchen, there was a lovely blue glow outside, then total darkness. When I got up in the morning, I saw the power lines from the meter on my house had been ripped away, and the phone and cable lines had also been ripped. A tree in my neighbor's yard dropped probably about eight limbs, all of which were lying on the wires from both houses.

Managed to make it through two nights and a day here, running my gas fireplace (which puts out precious little heat) and the burners on my gas stove. But when the temp got down to below 55 inside, I decided it was time to head out. Stayed with my dad from Saturday through Thursday. Power was restored late afternoon on Wednesday, but by then the indoor temp was 45 and outside was in the single digits. UGH!

If it weren't for the suffering and inconvenience, it would have been beautiful. Everything looked like a diamond-encrusted fairyland outside. When the sunlight would hit these trees covered in ice, they just sparkled.

As you can see from one of the pictures, the poor birds at my dad's were starving! This cardinal loves to hang out at the feeder. Whenever any other birds would come along, he'd kind of take a step in their direction and they'd scatter! Was almost like the school bully watching him. But the real bully was the hawk. Almost daily he'd come swooping around the corner of the house and try to pick the birds off the ground under the feeders. Thankfully, I never witnessed a kill!

Am just so happy to be back home again. There are several weird things - like the condensation that collected here in my little home office - and dripped down the walls. Not sure how much food I lost from the freezers - probably some. Not like this summer when the temps were over 100 - this time we were able to put stuff in my garage then in my son's freezer. Hopefully most of it is salvageable.

Hope everybody else is managing to stay warm - or at least has a wonderful dad they can impose on!

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