Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, 2008!

Yes, it HAS been forever since my last blog. Had a gi-normous case of the blog blahs!!

On Labor Day, I fell at my dad's and landed on my left knee. Managed to not injure the knee too badly, but broke a major blood vessel in my leg, resulting in terrible bruising (which still remains), and swelling (which is about done, I think).

But now it's almost Thanksgiving! Dad and I usually spend the holidays at my brother and sister-in-law's house, so I normally don't get to cook much for the holiday except for Christmas Tree Coffee Cake for Christmas morning, and an occasion batch of toffee. For those of you wanting toffee, presently bribes work well, since my Fall position at Express Scripts is done for this year.

So, this year, I had a yen for pumpkin pie. I know - it is something I shouldn't be eating, but when you can't seem to forget about it for a week or two, is time to do something about it! So, today, I made a pumpkin pie for myself . . . and whoever else shows up here and wants some! hehe

I wish you all the best stuff Thanksgiving has to offer! Good food, great families and friends! And lots of pumpkin pie!!

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