Wednesday, January 28, 2009

St. Louis Snow

Ok - so I left the outside Christmas decorations up until last week in the vain effort to take a beautiful Christmas shot of the house for next year's Christmas Card. Of course, it never snowed, and my neighbors' snickers and guffaws were almost audible. So, I trudged outside on a balmy 45 degree day, took it all down and hauled it to storage in the basement.

Barely a week later, THIS happens!

This is the view directly out my front door . . . .

and a view down the street to the right . . . .

The backyard's not much better. I believe St. Louis officially got just under 6" of the beautiful, twinkley kind of snow that is so darned beautiful.

And, since I'm allergic to the cold, harsh temperatures (no, really! physically allergic, as in break out in hives!), I stayed inside (except to drag the trash can to the snow bank by the road) and baked these!

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