Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Ok - so my last post was March 14th - and the place was blanketed in snow . . . .

Today, there's quite a change!

Now looking out the front door, there's this lovely, vivid pink azalea - the biggest one in the neighborhood! Thought you'd enjoy a close-up . . .

Doubt you could get one more flower on there!! Seems the entire bush is weighed down in all its springtime glory! Now if the guy would just cut my lawn . . .

The back yard azaleas look pretty nice, too.

These are by the patio, and below are by the far side fence.

The clematis came back strong this year (for a change) and looks amazing with huge purple flowers.

And I also wanted to include a picture of this year's batch of Batik iris for Julie, who loves iris.

Oh - and in between taking pictures, I made English Muffin Bread!

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its said...

You have such a bright, colorful and lively home. Very Nice !