Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Own Christmas Miracle

Christmas MiraclePosted by Hello

As you may have noted in my last blog, I have a new Grand Niece. The night she was born was a big celebration for the family. We met at the hospital, met Lindsay, we took turns holding her and having our pictures taken. Afterwards, Great Grandpa, the new Grandpa and Grandma, new Aunt, and Great Aunt went to dinner - and a wonderful dinner it was!!! All-in-all, it was an incredible day, evening, and night. On the way home, I stopped off at my dad's. He'd burned me a copy of the new pictures on a CD so I'd have some to show off at work (and, of course, I took advantage of that!!)

I finally got home about 10 p.m. My street is fairly dark, and my driveway even darker. As I rolled back toward the garage, I noticed a rather large package propped against the garage door. I squinted, kept getting closer, then turned on my brights trying to figure out what it was - I hadn't ordered anything that would have been delivered. Finally, I got out of the car to take a better look, and discovered that someone had gotten me a Christmas tree!! The very one I had looked at three nights earlier. Plastered on the front of the package was a note:

"HO HO HO - Merry Christmas - Santa"

I got back in the car and cried. To think that somebody out there had gotten it, and left it there for me to find - totally incredible! Nobody will admit to doing it.

You see, about 9 years or so ago, after spending all day decorating a live Christmas tree and enjoying looking at it for about an hour, my apartment building caught fire. So many of my things were ruined. The tree was saved, but many of the ornaments were covered with nasty brown water, and everything smelled horrible. It was a traumatic time - the apartment was condemed, I had to move out for five months, then move back in.

It always seems that at this time of year, I'm sad - that there's not enough money to get nice gifts, give that caroling party I've wanted to host for years, make all the goodies I'd like to be able to give to my friends, family or co-workers. Last year was particularly bad, since I didn't even have a job. Needless to say, things have never been easy.

So, after all these years, to find a Christmas tree left anonomously - just turns me into emotional goo. My son, Michael, his wife, Angela, and my niece, Wendy, came by tonite, helped dig out the ornaments (many of which have never been hung on a tree), set up and decorate this lovely tree.

It wasn't expensive, isn't the most beautiful, the biggest, brightest, or snazziest tree in the world, but it was put there by someone who gave love from the heart. They gave me a very special moment in time - one that I'll always remember and treasure, whether they ever come forward and admit it or not.

To my "Santa" - whoever you are - "thank you" doesn't seem big enough for the special thing you've done. It's all I have - so I say thank you from my heart to yours - whoever you may be!

So, peace to all at Christmastime, I hope your holidays are filled with special times and memories that will keep each and every one of you warm for many holiday seasons to come!

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