Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's All WENDY's FAULT!!!

She started the whole darned thing!!! That niece of mine with the totally innocent looking shoes and yarn blog that has a link to the left.

Yes, I am caught in the fiendish grip of TSO, otherwise known as Tuna Salad Obsession!! I fixed it last night for my lunch today. It was wonderful! I had been looking forward to it since the day before when I finished off the Nathan's hotdogs I forced myself to buy (everybody in NY swears they're the best and I managed to finish off the pack before they turned rancid - typically I hate hotdogs and refuse to eat them).

My lunch today was great!! It tasted so yummy I wanted more. When I got home and contemplated fixing something for dinner, it called to me from inside the refrigerator! So - I listened! Fixed a sandwich for dinner. Was also GREAT! So I had another! (Good thing I got a HUGE can of tuna!) That was it. Only enough left for one more sandwich - for lunch Thursday . . . but wait, that still leaves Friday . . . what to do???

I did the only thing you can do when caught in the clutches of TSO - I promptly went out and got three more cans of tuna!!!

I've emailed Wendy (she was out with the knitting group tonite) and blamed her unmercifully for this because she talks about it constantly - and told her to make it stop - please make it go away!!! Eventually, I will have to get over the craving for tuna. It's after 11 p.m., and already I am considering a quick trip into the fridge for a "quickie" of tuna salad on crackers - to be eaten in bed, of course! hehehehehe


Gwen said...

TSO. I'm glad that you have finally named my obsession. Alas, I cannot help you as I've tuna salad twice in the last week. It is a main staple in my diet, being a single woman with no husband or child to feed. Tuna Salad makes a fine dinner. As does peanut butter toast. :-)

Wendy (Tuna Taunter)

Blu486 said...

And you say I am the most strange member of this family!!!