Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Busy Sunday!

As you can see, the irises are beginning to bloom in a kind of "knock your socks off" display!

This year, am trying something new - a pot of flowers on the front porch. So far, they're looking pretty good. Hopefully, they aren't planted tightly enough together to kill each other!

Also, this is the year I've finally decided to do something about the horrible "bunny" problem in the garden. I have fashioned a fence around the entire thing, small as it is, with chicken wire that I staple-gunned to tomato stakes.
Then, you might be able to just pick out about 6 tomato plants, and I put in seeds for beets, Blue Lake pole beans, butternut squash, cucumbers, spinach, leaf lettuce, and the purple beans that seem to be a particular favorite of the above-mentioned bunnies.
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Hopefully this year, I will thwart these menaces to backyard gardening and come away with more than just a couple tiny, measly tomatoes to show for all my efforts!
Will post another picture sometime late this summer, when the tomatoes are hanging in huge bunches on the vines, the beans are growing up into the tree, and the cucumbers are taking over the entire west end of the garden!

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Gwen said...

The Iris look awesome. Hopefully they won't all be dead before I get up to see them.